Hear the artistry of Akira Ifukube here! Once you've read a little more about me, feel free to bother me personally here.

Updated, 11-05-00

-Added a table with targets to the Ifukube page, to make navigation easier.

Updated, 11-03-00

-It's G-Day everyone, as today is the 46th anniversary of the release of Gojira in Japan. Let's just sit back and remember how much fun the whole genre is, and how great Ifukube's music is, rather than whining for camcorder bootlegs of Godzilla X MegaGuiras! Enjoy six tracks from the score that started it all on the Ifukube page.

Updated, 10-31-00

-Seven tracks from Atragon, and ten tracks from Latitude Zero added.

Updated, 10-24-00:

- A whole crapload of stuff from Varan the Unbelievable has been uploaded. It was kind of hard to resist uploading the whole disc....

- Selections from Frankenstein Conquers the World added to the Ifukube page.

- Film review sections removed, on account of them being really fucking useless. To be revisited when I can do a more in-depth job on them. For now, the Ifukube section shall be the main focus of this page.

Updated, 9/29-10/1 2000:

- Selections from Yog & Sinfonia Tapkaara added to the Ifukube page, plus a link to a similar page by Jim Figurski.

- Text reviews cleaned up and converted to HTML in the Film review section. Four Hammer Horror DVD reviews and a mini-guide to every kaiju DVD available in the US also added.

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